Saturday, 2 April 2011

Started With A Film

Cinema this morning with Matthew, at the weekend films are just £1.00 each in the morning . Treats are expensive in these unsettled times and many parents take their kids to these showings .After some crazy animation which I enjoyed as much as Matthew . Home for lunch then Matthew wrestled with his xbox while I put my chair together . Only plugging some holes and sanding and finishing now I like the natural shape of the legs they make this chair quite different . Then out for a walk and scramble about the countryside on a windy but sunny, April day . Here's Matthew enjoying the outdoors clambering up rocky outcrops and playing on tree stumps . The trees were taken down as they had become a hazard with diseases making them unstable.:)


  1. neat looking chair, good-looking kid!

  2. hey brian, did you see something good at the cinema.haven't been recently . would like to go see one of those 3d films but they are pricey to attend. then of course you've got to have a few snacks while you're at it. ken k.

  3. Hey Ken the saturday morning films are a bit older 6 months or so. The 3d films are pricey :)