Friday, 29 April 2011

Katie Wearie And Golden Fields

Young ducklings on the canal this week I hope they can keep clear of the pike. The fields are colouring up fast not much bare earth showing now . And the golden oilseed rape is showing off after many sunny days .
And here's a nice new seating area and sculpture at the westport in Linlithgow carved into the curved seat are these words "water from the westport well revived a wearie drover girl" .Local history tells us that many years ago a cattle drover drank from the well and rested under a willow tree at the westport.
Her name was Katie Wearie. This curved seating and sculpture of the cattle drover under the tree really give this little bit of Linlithgow a new life. I think that Katie Wearie would have liked to have passed these sights while driving her cattle on warm spring days.


  1. hi brian, looks like its getting quite springlike over there. always enjoy seeing the photos .it is quite a treat almost to take a visit to your area. though you may take the sights for granted they are interesting to all of us. thanks ken.

  2. Thanks ken its sometimes hard figuring out what to put in a post. How are things on your side of the pond ?