Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Silver Spoon

Here's the spoon I started in the previous post post . I would normally have used green wood but. By accident I used an old dry piece of Silver Birch after sharpening a gouge I tested it on some old Silver Birch so I gave it a go . I had tried a spoon using green Birch before and found it a wee tad stringy. But the dry stuff cut nicely and made a good spoon :)


  1. Hi Brian! i did feel like looking at what you where up to, your posts are always nice and short :) i like that.
    About the spoons, are you can a sand and polish it, till it shines like silver?

  2. Maybe a little sanding but no polish,nature made it shine already:)

  3. Hi Brian
    Easier to rough the spoons out when the wood's green and then make the finishing cuts when it's dried out...only a couple of days usually.