Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cycling ,Sycamore And Spoons

Wet and miserable is how I would describe most of march so far. Yesterday things had dried up a little so after lunch I jumped on the bike and gave myself a bit of a workout. No matter which direction I traveled, the wind was never on my back but I enjoyed it all the same. As I fought into the wind, I passed hardy little ponies standing in cold puddles and the nice black damp soil of newly ploughed fields. The snow drops and crocus show that winter is leaving us at long last .
And a small woodland of Sycamore and ash which I thinned out 15 years ago I like to look back to the places I have worked and see how the landscape is changing knowing I had a hand in it , a tidy little wood today. I hope the fair weather stays with us, as I would class myself as more of a fair weather cyclist than a die hard rain or shine type. I work in the rain but won't cycle in it. I got home and oiled up some spoons and that ended my Friday half day :)


  1. Any day on the bike is s good day. I've had the road bike out a couple of times this year. Always puts a smile on my face. Next weekend, I hope to do a long ride.

    Also, I am about ready to try making a spoon. My wife got me a gouge for Christmas that I have not yet put to use. I have been studying your work; I think I am ready to give it a go.

  2. I can see you perched on the step carving spoons at the stump ranch. Just use bits of branch that you trim off. Straight or curved it doesn't matter :)

  3. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
    A soup spoons is a type of spoon with a large or rounded bowl, used for eating soup.

  4. Thanks lama, I had a look at soup spoons lots of cool shapes:)