Saturday, 23 May 2015

Leather Work

I marked out and cut some leather to make a sheath, for the little knife that I bought a few weeks back.. The original sheath, was well beyond saving..
I wanted to do it justice.
So I had a go at wet forming, which is pretty easy and really works..
I just need order the right gear for stitching..
It will have double thickness in a few places.. As my leather is perhaps a little thin for the purpose but it'll do for me..
Here it is so far..
And I hope that Zelva is pleased with my efforts...;b


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Gorges
      I'm happy so far...;b

  2. Looks good! Don´t forget to glue inside strip of leather to protect seam from cutting. ;-) I´m looking forward to finished sheath! :)

    1. Thank you..
      I will do the glue like you say..
      What is best to use?.. ;b

  3. I would recommend some kind of water resistant adhesive based on polyurethane. I´m using Pattex chemoprene but don´t know if you can get it in Scotland.

  4. I have weather resistant pva wood glue that dries clear.. would that work?;/

  5. I think it would. You will quilt it anyway, the seam will be strong enough to hold thing together. ;-)

  6. It's look good, Are you going to dye the leather or wax it.

  7. Yes Robert I'm going to do both...