Sunday, 10 May 2015

Finishing Cuts..

I finished off these wooden cups or Kuksa.. And a little cherry eating spoon which proved a little tough as it was a few months on the wrong side of green...
Also I picked up this nice little knife at this mornings booty..;b


  1. Nice work Brian!
    Any info on the knife?

  2. Thanks mate..
    Made in Sheffield by a company called spur..
    It cleaned up well..
    Just need to get a sheath sorted for it..

  3. I just love the horse bowl. Is that a cultural design of some kind, or did you just come up with it?

  4. Hey Jozien
    No not cultural just something that popped into my head...
    Thanks for looking in...;b

  5. I've got a knife nearly identical to that one, though mine is just a little broader with more of an upturn to the point. Great for skinning.