Saturday, 29 December 2012

Cherry Burl And Poor Old Ash

While it was dry I headed off for a walk along the river, its been a terrible spell of wet and windy weather here lately.  So the river was still running pretty high I could see many signs that it had been running a good bit higher, I came across a huge carbuncle burl on a Cherry I can only imagine what grain is hidden in that big burl !!!  An Ash tree had its roots washed out by the storm water and gave up its grip on the bank and fell to the river.
 I saw another couple of gnarled Ash trees with a poker straight Sycamore fighting up through the ash limbs to take over. Our poor old Ash trees are really taking a bashing with the Ash die back disease this is a real shame for lots of reasons .
  We have lots of Ash trees in the UK,  this tree is part our horizons out in the countryside and in our towns, we are never far from an Ash tree in the UK
. Anyway it was good to get out for a few hours. Away from the ever tempting chocolates, biscuits and other Christmas goodies:)


  1. That burl would make a great bowl one day! It's a shame about the ash. Makes me quite angry really as we're an island you thin kwe could have prevented it! The ash has always been on of my favourite trees, the woods my brother and I used to play in was/is full of large oak and ash trees, it was one of the first trees I learnt to identify. Hope they're still around so I can teach my daughter about them.

  2. It was also the first tree that I could identify too, yeah we seem to get it all :)

  3. Nearly all of our tree disease problems in this country have come in on shipments from overseas. I assume it's the same in the U.K.

  4. Yes Gorges its the same for us and being a small island we get hammered easily by any bug or disease:)