Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Good Weekend

Its been a funny old week with winter taking a grip then letting go again.

On Saturday Mhairi the blacksmith collected the base for the music award, she was really pleased with it so I was happy with that ( this is mentioned in a previous post ).Then in the afternoon , Matthew and I watched the horse loggers in the fading light, there's not many of these guys left in the UK, so hats off to them for keeping the old trade alive! My camera wasn't really wanting to play so here's the best of what I shot.

And on Sunday I put together a little stool with ash legs and a beech seat here it is at various stages.

Next weekend will see it finished :)


  1. hi Brian, wonderful to see the horses working in the woods.

    Brian :) it is you still always visiting my blog is it?
    it's my own fault i kind of lost track of who visits my blog, and of course not having a feed, one never knows anyway, that is also the beauty of it.

    He have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Thanks for looking in jozien ,it is a great sight to see horses working anywhere . Have a great Christmas jozien :)