Sunday, 14 October 2012

Paring Down The Kuska

I spent an hour this afternoon paring down the kuska that I started last week, so that the bowl will have good even thickness, its pretty much finished now. But it needs to dry out before any finishing is done . I drew blood only once so thats a bonus ! I suppose. Now take a look at how the kuska is coming along  :)


  1. brian, always liked wood carved bowls. the grain and warmth they show. how do you form such a rounded and even piece. do you work just by sight or use some type of template. ken k.

  2. Hey Ken I just work by sight and touch really, it is much easier than plans and templates, it is very satisfying to do this kind of work where no two are the same. Thanks for stopping by I hope you guys are all ok :)

  3. Nice job brian, Kuskas are one of my favourite things to make, they are so tactile, and as you said no two are ever the same