Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Bit Different

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to make two flower stands for either side of a door for a wedding ceremony . I asked what style, a uniform look or rustic, and she chose rustic! 2 column's each with an open front so that the flowers can cascade from the top to bottom .
 So armed with a lump of wood , 70 hazel stems of around 3' long and a roll of copper wire, that my dad gave me years ago that seems to never end.
  I cut some circles 9" and 6", then glued and nailed these together this gave me a good block to nail the hazel stems to. I drilled a hole for the first stem and wedged it in place I figured this would give a bit more strength then pre drilled and tacked on the other stems when I was happy with the opening . I then made a loop of hazel around 6" or so and wired all the stems to this, then more wire tied in to any close bigger gaps .  A little bit of trimming up and they were done.
 A bit different to what I normally make but I enjoyed the challenge I hope these add a little rustic charm to her big day:)

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