Friday, 13 January 2012

When The Wind Blows

I had a walk through the wood's this week to take a look at the storm damage. There were plenty tops torn from tree's particularly Scots Pine. Many of the huge sitka spruce had their foundation's ripped from the earth

The pictures show some of the safer area's, other part's are a lot worse and common sense prevails, as a tree can hang in the branches of his kin but for how long. Could be minutes day's or years, So its best to keep out of the way. Lots of big timber that was planted during WW1 was whipped and pushed until roots broke free from their mooring's sending them down to rest in their own cast needles :)


  1. That looks like some great firewood; lucky dog. It sometimes is nice when the forest thins itself for you.

  2. hi Brian :)
    what came to my mind, was a 'battlefield" so much for positive thinking...
    beautiful though, a wild forest for sure

  3. Here we call them 'widow makers.' Having cut a few trees (lots) it is true that the hung up ones are the most frustrating and the most dangerous to deal with, that and those with rot thirty or forty feet up.

  4. I forgot to mention that your site has motivated me. Adze and bowl knives in hand I've been pursuing some recent basswood, poplar and oak falls.