Friday, 20 January 2012

Tapping Into Tree's

Blogger has been playing up this week for me I'm unable to read any comments at the moment. Anyway On a walk this afternoon around the loch and along the canal. I came across some huge tree's blown down by the gales a fortnight ago. These tree's were 100's of years old so they have grown through many changes in our town. When we had a working quarry ,tanneries,4 sawmills,paper mills and lots workshops, when they were only sapling's.

Now they lay on their sides one in the canal and more the edge of Linlithgow Loch. It would be good if you could tap into the tree's and take out the years of history that they were the back drop for. Here's a shot of what you see in our town along with yes you guessed it Tree's:)


  1. You can learn a lot from a stump, I've learned. Sad to see them down.

  2. Towns need more trees - always a shame to see one fall, especially as town planners seem reluctant to plant more.

  3. It always amazes us ... what a thin grip on the earth a large tree has!!!