Friday, 11 November 2011

Three Horses And Tools For Jon

I managed to get into the shed this afternoon ,I started cutting out three heads for hobby horses. Then they got tidied up and a little detail carved into them  .All they need now is a darker coloured timber plug for their eyes along with some nice reins and some little rough riders to find them on Christmas morning. A chunk of spalted Beech was pulled out of the pile and  I started  shaping this for a stool top as I was there anyway and the chunk needed to be something you know how it goes. Jon here are the tools you asked about, here's what I use for making spoons and bowls,I hope this helps:)


  1. Hey trappers thanks for stopping by, the little horses are happy little guys ;)

  2. Thanks I appreciate the photo. Snow will be here soon so I will be looking for ways to occupy my time. I will be in the shop learning to carve.