Saturday, 19 November 2011

Looking For A Stable

On the last post I had started some hobby horses . Over the past couple of days I finished them off ,here they are ready to find a little stable to call home.
I also selected some Rowan(mountain ash) to use for legs , on the spalted beech stool top that I shaped in the previous post. I figured out the angle for the legs by eye, then set up a sliding bevel for a reference for boring the holes. Once I was happy with them I then marked them, and cut a slot in each leg for a wedge. Which tightens the joint along with the glue when you tap the leg in place. After a dry run I pondered a bit and decided to add some random bracing , this is scribed to fit the legs with my spoon carving knife. Here it is so far:)


  1. brian, as always great horses there. soon you will have a herd. hehe.of course turkeys are popular here this time of year, ken

  2. Hey Ken I take it that thanksgiving is coming up. I hope you enjoy your good turkey dinner:)

  3. The Rowan leg makes it more special. This can be kept for a life time. just great!!!!