Saturday, 10 September 2011

Setting Up

We had a mixed load of logs delivered this week Spruce and Douglas Fir so I stuck a few of the Douglas Fir on the log deck . The scent from this timber is very fruity when its freshly cut, a good Sawyer should know timbers their timbers by scent along with sight.
I was fortunate to be taught my trade by a knowledgeable old Sawyer ,we worked on an old band rack together all the setting up was by hand including rolling in the logs, now I work a band mill with set works .
The set works control the settings for the dimensions of the timber but I punch them in, the human element is still with us. Bigger sawmills now scan their logs, then the computer sets the sizes for cutting.
Back when I first started on the band rack the sawyer would ask me to draw on the end of the log the all the parts we would cut for timber and what would be waste. And this helps me to this day, to make sure we have low waste and higher recovery of timber from the raw materials (logs).
Here are are some shots of the Douglas Fir being cut,from the band mill to boards:)


  1. Back when my dad and I used to do custom sawing, we got a lot of business due to the accuracy of our sawing and the log yield we achieved. I know what you mean about waste.

  2. Interesting, I'd like to see an end of a log drawn up like that - I bet it doesn't turn out like they show in the text books!