Saturday, 2 July 2011

Making Hay

The weather has been great lately, schools out for summer now so I have taken a few days holiday to spend some time with Matthew.
When we were out walking, watching the hay being cut and turned into neat rows. We watched a buzzard hovering over a mouse or vole ready to swoop down and catch his meal which he managed first swoop.
I got a picture of him in the air just ready to drop down. A bit further on we passed Alpaca's that were just as interested in us while we watched them for a while. And the swallows in the sawmill have outgrown their nest,they now just huddle together .Waiting for their mother to return and feed them with the insects that she catches in the woods and fields that surround the sawmill, here's a couple of pictures of the mother flying in with food and her soon ready to fly fledglings. When I go back on wednesday they will be flying :)


  1. That's the only bad thing with swallows - swallow's droppings! (And a few mud spatters.)

  2. Yes Gorges they do leave a mess behind!