Friday, 8 July 2011

Logs, Trees And Diving For Fish

A good load of logs arrived at the sawmill where I work this week, on a nice new shiny blue log truck. These logs will be cut into fencing and landscaping products.
I wandered through a nice strip of Ash, Sycamore and Oak lots of good straight trees growing here on a steep bank facing the river Forth. These trees will become a valuable crop in years to come:)
On a walk around the loch I spotted a Grebe catching small fish. He bobbed under and stayed down for a spell then popped up again a good distance away, always with a fish,I enjoyed watching this fisherman (centre of this picture):)


  1. Over here, those pine logs would most likely be turned into pulp, though I like the lumber they make.

  2. Hey Gorges not many papermills are around here now, there were two in our small town and one a few miles away all are closed now. Only multi national's survive.