Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Sunny Sunday

Sunday today what a cracking morning sun shining blue sky. So Matthew and I went out for a walk in the woods. Amidst the murky water in a small pond we saw an abundance of toads and toad spawn.
they were all hoping to attract a mate it looks like hard work being a toad! Matthew tried his hand at den building, and scaled some height's he didn't like the look of the fungi though . So after a long walk we were both ready for lunch although we had a sneaky ice cream on the way home :)Brian(:


  1. hi Brian, would love to be walking out there as well. again beautiful natural setting. reminds me of where i used to live where you'd be able to be in and a part of nature. down here much of the land is inhospitable to walking. we have some great waterways and fishing though. looks like some pretty impressive toads you've got there. we have tree frogs. they are a lot smaller though you would'nt know it by the amount of noise they make especially at night. i saw a young panther the other evening. long tail and tan in color.about the size of a good size shepard dog. we have bobcats as well but the panthers are more reclusive and dont get into settled areas too much. enjoy the weather, looks like spring is on the way. take care ken

  2. Hi ken yes spring is well on its way.
    We don't have many predators here a red fox being the largest. Over here were never very far from somewhere to walk :)Brian(:

  3. I love the toads.
    And your son! What a beautiful kid.