Sunday, 14 February 2010

One For My Son

Yesterday my son Matthew and I were out for a walk and we cut some hazel to make a walking stick as He wanted a stick like dads.So after a little bit of trimming with a sharp knife he has a good stick for pushing thorny branches out of the way, and a bit more purchase over rough ground when we go out for a forage.I started making walking sticks many years ago after my Father had a hip replacement and he needed a good strong stick.Since then Ive made many shepherds crooks and thumb sticks.Hazel is a good wood to use you can straighten it gently over your knee .Ash and Sweet chestnut are good to but Hazel is my favorite it shines like old metal when you coat it with linseed oil.Here's a couple before then after:)Brian(:


  1. Pretty neat.
    For pushing thorny branches out of the way, you say. Roses? Brambles? I have never used my walking stick for that, somehow i think it wouldn't work here. So, what do your branches look like, that you will walk through.

  2. Jozien our thorny branches are dark in the winter ready to jag and tear at you.But in the spring they have blossom and pretend they are nice but when you get to close they do that jag and tearing thing again:)Brian(:

  3. Your son will remember you making the sticks together for the rest of his life. How wonderful