Thursday, 27 December 2018

Way Too Long

Hi folks
Yes it's been a while, way too long!! I've not been very creative at all lately.
I have been taking pictures and dabbling a little on Instagram.
Not much good to those wanting an update from the Scottish woodcrafter.
2019 is just around the corner I'm planning on making a few shavings.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish you all a very happy new year...;)


  1. LOL - May the muse return in 2019! Hope you have a good year.

  2. I go through uninspired stretches as well, don't beat yourself up. It's all part of the ebb and flow of the process. Best wishes on a creative start to the New Year.

  3. Have a wonderful and successful New Year to you, your family and all the commenters as well.

  4. Your work is an inspiration. Help me!

  5. I miss your blog Brian! What's your Instagram name?