Monday, 1 May 2017

Treasure and Cutting Housings

Well my experimenting went a stage further to mixing polyester resin and adding brass filings,and a little green colour in some of the shakes and voids in this oak. If you enlarge these two pictures, you might just see.

I also got the housings cut, to let the table leg boards into the base. With marking knife, mallet, chisel and a little bullnose plane. I set to work removing the material.

A little trip to the carboot sale (flea market) Yielded me some treasure for less than £10.00.
A very old first aid kit, with some old dressings. Along with an almost new Leatherman Charge.

Back in the workshop feeling inspired..;b


  1. Do you have aspen trees up in your neck of the woods? I was noticing some trees with beautiful bright red resin stain, and would love to know if i can actually use it to stain wood, or what, also only a few trees have it, and not often do i find droplets that are still soft. Do you know anything relating to all this? I love your resin filled wood!

  2. Hi jozien
    Yes we do have Aspen.I do know that lots of dye's and pigments come from tree's. I'm unsure about the red droplets, but it give it a try.
    Thanks for looking in..;b

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