Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hammers and Oldtimers

I bought this nice shiny fuller hammer at the car boot and another old head along with a shaft..
The shiny one was a bargain at 5 pounds.. The old head and shaft were a pound..
I'll fit these together soon..
And the old poster of some bygone  days when man armed with great skill and minimal tools felled these giant trees...;b


  1. We'd call it a "ballpeen" hammer over here.

  2. We call it the same Sir.
    Fuller is the maker of the new hammer..;b

  3. Nice hammer... I´m just restoring a shoemaker´s one. Quite satisfiing work, have tools made by own hand!

    All the best,
    Forest Turtle

  4. Hi Zelva
    I have the head off a shoemakers hammer one day I'll get it sorted...
    Thanks for looking in...;b

  5. Love the picture. I need to get some woodworking posters for the workshop! Make it feel more like mine then!

  6. Yeah it brightens the place up..
    Hope all is good Kev..
    Thanks for looking in.. ;b

  7. is that last pic a redwood. it's huge . hate to see them cut . not many of that size around.

    1. Yes it is an old print of a California Redwood.. I know they should be preserved.. But that's an old pic from back in the day.... I hope all is good on the other side of the water...;b