Saturday, 6 September 2014

Protected by a stone

I find myself up here a lot lately its a good place to gather your thoughts.. This is where I noticed a stone that looked out of place! Built into a drystone wall.. This stone at Witchcraig, has a cross carved into it on the east facing side, and on the west facing side the cross is relief carved ..
 I made some enquiries with a man, that I knew would have the answers .. And I was told that, this is a refuge stone, one of four set at one mile boundaries from Torphican precepatory, these stones marked with the cross of Lorraine. Gave people refuge while on the run from the law, or other pursuers. Where they would be safe within the boundary of the stones...
East face of the refuge stone...
West face of the refuge stone...

And here are a few views from around the stone, up among the heather..

You can maybe see why I like it up there... ;b


  1. Lovely scenery, interesting story.

  2. That is some pretty countryside there. Some day I'll have to get over there and do some exploring.

  3. I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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  4. Absolutely fascinating story, Brian...great photos too, such a beautiful area!

    1. Thanks for looking in Shawnee..
      Yes it is a beautiful place...
      And full of history... ;)