Sunday, 16 March 2014

All In The Box

I was raking through a box at the car boot sale this morning and I found this...
A Paramo no 10  Planemaster rabbet plane , it looked pretty much complete so I haggled a little then snaffled it up quick .
 After lunch I went out to the shed for a closer look, a little box with 5 spare blades written on the side was hidden in the bottom under the instructions . I tipped this out and 4 fell out, not bad with one in the plane body I thought .
But one final shake and out popped another so 6 blades in total, along with fence attachments and the instructions it was really complete.
 Dunno how old this is but its very tidy looking I gave the metal a quick clean up, here's how she looks !!! ;) 


  1. some of us thought "Paramo" was outdoor gear

  2. Paramo could be outdoor gear too, but this lot were more famous for really strong work vices !!