Sunday, 9 February 2014

Random Bracing

Last weekend I prepped two stool tops mentioned in the previous post. Over the past few days legs and bracing were selected then the joints were made. The stool tops were bored out , the joints were then tested and glued up. Some random bracing was added to each stool to give a little more strength and another dimension to the rustic look  . These are a bit taller than my normal stool height , but I think they look just fine  at just over 2' or 60cm. Here are the beech topped stools with hazel legs and bracing, freshly waxed ;)


  1. Neat looking results. A bit different but I like the rustic look against the finished top.

  2. Not strong enough for my rotund physique, but nice-looking and heavy enough for normal folks. lol

  3. You might be surprised how strong they are Gorges ! thanks for looking in ;)