Saturday, 25 January 2014

Thats Enough Of That

The sky seems to be just rainclouds at the moment , with an endless supply ready to pour down at any time . How I long for some cool crisp days to get out raking through the woods and trails . Anyhoo that's enough of that ...  I've been dabbling a little with some bowls and really enjoy the whisper of sharp steel  peeling off timber and forming the hollow of the bowl . I have some spalted beech I have been using for these, and it seems to be a log that just keeps giving . I let the bowls dry a little in between carving sessions so it doesn't  split with shock of losing so much volume at once ! So after a bit of scooping on the bowls I left them for another day, and set to work on a little beech spoon . I have been trying to be a bit more adventurous with my spoon carving lately , what do you think ? ;)


  1. It looks strong. Some I see look terribly delicate.

  2. I always have strength in mind Gorges ;)

  3. beautiful work on the bowls. ken