Sunday, 29 December 2013

When The Sun Came Out

Well when the sun came out for while on boxing day , I headed out to feel the sun on my face as its been a while ! a twisted beech caught my eye along with an old dead elm with lots of burrs-burls covering it . And on my way back the sun shining through the spruce it was good to get out for a while ;)


  1. Looks positively balmy there. We haven't seen bare ground or sunshine of any significant amount now for 3 weeks. We are covered with 2 feet of hard crusty snow and ice with another sleet storm due tonight. 1/4 million houses lost power as a result of the ice storm last week, and 8 thou still haven't been restored.

  2. Not balmy Michael but it was pleasant, No white stuff around here yet, but there's still plenty time yet ! We've been battered with storms and floods here in the UK, lots of folks with no power to cook Christmas dinner over here too. Hope you had a good Christmas ;)