Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hatchet Treatment

Autumn has sneaked into the wood's, in my part of the world . On a bike ride the other day I spotted some red leaves on a Sycamore . After a long, hot, dry and seemingly endless summer, green is giving way to red and gold and I don't mind one bit !!
 I was out in the shed for a while today, more shaping and a start made on sanding the timber for the garden bench  . As usual I kept the defects and I will make them into features .One piece gave me a little trouble it had a split that wouldn't shave or sand out . This split got the hatchet treatment to remove it for good . I changed the shape a smidge and this got me into sound timber, some spokeshave work and a touch with the gouge gave the hatchet edge a more natural look :)


  1. hey brian, leaves dont usually change here till late october but beautiful when they are qa bit farther north then we are. nice to form wood with a hatchet and draw blade. . len k.

  2. Hi Ken yes the leaves here are changing quickly now. The hatchet and drawknife can give a good natural shape. Hope you guys are doing ok ,thanks for stopping by :)