Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bike And Barrel

I had a ride through the woods yesterday evening , with a nice warm breeze following me from trail to trail. And with scenery like this I really should get out cycling a bit more .

 On my way home I stopped for this picture looking down into the valley of the river forth .
And this morning after a spot of weeding. I added some lead bands on to the barrel plant stands that I put together last weekend. Here's how it looks after a couple of hours trimming and tapping away at the lead :)


  1. Pretty countryside there. We have the trees like yours, but not the open vistas of the river valley and the moors. Always drawn to those images, must have lived there in a previous life.

  2. Maybe you have Michael ,we are never far from the countryside here . Thanks for looking in :)

  3. great place to be. wish i was there.and the photos give a good feel for it. only thing you dont have is the smell of the country. a field or forest always has a certain smell that reminds you of those places. ken

  4. Hey Ken yes your right, the fields have just been cut. For hay which is always a pleasant smell ,and the woods well I can never tire of that scent .I hope you guys are doing fine thanks for stopping by :)