Saturday, 9 February 2013

Well It Was Collecting Dust

A cold damp day today, so yes out to the shed for a while . Some yew that sits on a shelf and collects dust needs to be something, so I cut up a few bits to make into a little heirloom box type of thing, "you'll get the picture". I tried to match up the grain colours as the sides joined together as best I could, and picked out a nice waney edged piece for the top of course! I also made a start on the wooden hinges that will make this box something special :)


  1. I notice that it was cut with a bandsaw. (I'm an old circle-saw guy from the past.)

  2. Yes Gorges I love the finish a circle saw gives, but I make do with what ive got :)

  3. I love your new cover page!!!

    Also the box. Really interesting grain & I hadn't heard of that kind of wood before. Over the years my husband taught me a number of things about woodworking and having lived on a boat for 15 years, we worked a lot in Phillipian mahoghany, teak and oak. We fashioned some boxes as well with some brass corners and hinges available at the nautical stores. It was a lot of fun. They make nice keepsakes.