Sunday, 11 November 2012

Yew Box

I started a little box this morning using some yew that was to thin for stool tops, but so nice that it had to be made into something. I tend to just sand Yew as the grain often changes and it tends to tear a bit, so after a spell of sanding.
 I cut my components then put the box together dry, after a little more sanding I glued and plugged it .
Now for some wooden hinges I cut out some tapering wedge shapes out of some of the yew offcuts, then marked the hinges for the moving parts cut this away then bored them for the pins . Here's where I got to:)


  1. hey Brian. love wood boxes. they always have a charecter about them. and the possibilities of what can be stored within. ken.k.

  2. Hi Ken yes they do have a kind of mystery to them,how are things with you ? Thanks for stopping by :)