Saturday, 25 August 2012

Chopping Boards And A Nearly Finished Chair

I was asked if I could make some chopping boards, for a late wedding present, yeah easy enough I thought. And could they have names and dates carved into them ,mmmm ok gulp. So after a trial  or two I came up with something that worked out.
And my recent chair has turned into a real labour of love with shapes that have been inspired by the harvest and the carving of leaves acorn and my little mouse. The previous chair progress, post did'nt do the mouse justice, just sanding, sanding and a bit more sanding then plugs more sanding and then some wax, here it is :)


  1. Great chopping boards I was just saying to the wife how we needed some more.
    I love the carvings - I must get my self a little area outside so I can do some more!