Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Spoon Has Sprung

A few hour's in the shed today ended the week. With temps of 23c march was no lion this year when its going out it was a touch of summer. With buds breaking the countryside is now taking on fresh colours of green that mask the bleach of winter .
With a new laplander saw that Mrs Brian gave me for Christmas I harvested some hazel and birch in a friends garden recently, for spoon's and the legs of stools . I started with a piece of hazel with a severe bend I chopped away with the axe until it was a uniform thickness then hacked out its basic shape. Then began lots of knife work to give the spoon a flowing shape. Then I used spoon and hook knives to remove the material from the bowl.
After many slices, shaves and cuts, a really curved left handed spoon, or a hungry right hander!! sprouted from this little chunk of hazel:)


  1. I really like this - the curve looks perfect. What are you going to finish it with?

  2. Thank's Kev, I didn't intend to put a finish on it do you think I should mate :)

  3. Not sure, depends what you're going to use it as. If you're going to use it alot then it will build its own finish - if not what about some hazel nut oil or walnut?