Monday, 6 February 2012

Door's Done

More decorating on the third room now ,got my five door's hung one popped right into the opening still in its wrapping. A few of the opening's were a bit squint but me and an old Stanley plane made good the difference. I had to do something to the glazed door I wonder if you can notice what. I think, Sawdust In My Sock's will be safe! but I try my best:)


  1. Looks like a good job from here. I love hanging doors! I give up though I can't see what you did to the glazed door!

  2. I have the same door from the kitchen into the living room. So I thought just buy the same one for the other opening from the front door. But my tape measure failed to cross the width, it was nearly 2" smaller . And with it nicely primed I could'nt take it back. So I added the 2" on to the door screwed glued then plugged and painted I got away with it, phew:)