Friday, 2 December 2011

Three From Trees

I dabbled with a few stools over this past week, two have oak seats with hazel legs . The other is the spalted beech stool with rowan legs that was shown in a recent post . You can see how the oil can bring the the wood to life, this really shows off all the beautiful variations in the timber. Here they are with the natural look that I love :)


  1. That spalted beech looks lovely, I love the shape of that top - it almost looks like cusion!

  2. I'd have to have some cross-members on those legs if I was going to set MY blubber on them! (Stay thin, it makes life easier.)

  3. hey Alviti thats the shape I tried to imagine thanks. Gorges I think my stools will hold anyone, thin or chunky folk :)

  4. Brian,

    Very nice work. What are you using to oil the stools? I want to try this technique, not sure what might work best.