Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Chair In Miniature

Here are a few item's that I finished during my Christmas holidays. Two oak topped stools oiled up and ready to home. And a nice little chair out of oak, that I made for a friend at work, for his one year old son. It was an enjoyable job making this little chair .Finished with oil and wax it looked ready for the new owner to sit in and look at books or just to sit and survey his one year old world :)


  1. Very nice work. To get such neat fitting joints, how do you make your tenons? By hand? Tenon cutter? i really like the through joints with the wedges, but when I cut the tenons by hand they sometimes are not as clean as I would like. Maybe I need more practice.

  2. Hi Jon the tenons I do cut by hand ,rough it down with a sharp axe then pare it back with a good knife.
    Try it in the mortice you want it to squeak as it goes in. If it wont go take off the high points.I would like a tenon cutter but this year I will try to make a tool to do this .Thanks :)